The quality of your home’s air has an impact on your health.

Knowing and understanding various airflows can increase your comfort, decrease heating and cooling bills and possibly even save your life. McClung’s Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration can help you find the right air quality products to meet your specific needs, then our qualified technicians will install, test and regulate your new products to achieve maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.

Humidity Control Equals Comfort Control

Controlling the humidity level in your home is one of the most important elements in maintaining a comfortable living environment. In many parts of the country, excess humidity can cause tons of problems – especially in the Spring and Fall when it’s still cool outside but potentially damp within your home.

Your air conditioning alone can’t balance these levels. That’s not what it is intended to do. In fact, if you are running your air conditioner and your house still feels stuffy, clammy or just generally uncomfortable, you might need a whole house dehumidifier added to your system.

A dehumidifier is essentially the opposite of a humidifier. Instead of regulating the air in your home and infusing water vapor when necessary, a dehumidifier reduces water vapor. Applied to your home’s hvac system and ductwork, the dehumidifier condenses the water vapor in the air, converting it to its liquid form and effectively pulling it out of the air before the air is recycled back into your living space.

Humidity levels affect your comfort and health inside your home just as much as they do outside. Too much humidity can promote the mold and mildew growth. Too little can lead to dry skin, sore throats and respiratory problems. And an imbalance on either side can keep you from feeling comfortable at normal temperature settings.


Without adequate filtration, expensive heating and cooling equipment can clog and malfunction, leading to decreased efficiency, higher utility costs and potentially expensive repairs. Poor filtration can also cause a dust buildup in your home, making you and other family members more susceptible to colds, allergies and respiratory problems and making your home harder to keep clean.


Wet conditions in your home’s crawlspace are a natural breeding ground for mold, a biological contaminant that can lead to severe respiratory problems, allergies, chronic fatigue and, in some cases, immune system disorders. Moisture control equipment in these unoccupied areas of your home can protect you from the development of contaminants that can transfer to your home’s living spaces.